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Serenity™ – The Soothing Otter


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“I've used the Soothing Otter with all three of my children, and each time it's been a godsend. It helps them transition from being fully awake to sleeping peacefully. Even I find the heartbeat sound relaxing!”

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Is Your Baby Struggling to Sleep Through the Night?

Nighttime should be soothing, but for many babies, the transition from the womb to the world is anything but peaceful. Imagine a newborn trying to find comfort in a vast, unfamiliar space after months in a warm, embracing environment. That discomfort can turn into sleepless nights, stress-filled days, and endless worry for both babies and parents.

Meet Serenity™ – The Soothing Otter

Bring the calming sensation of the womb into your home with the Serenity™ Otter. This innovative plush companion combines a heartbeat rhythm, soft lights, and gentle music to recreate the comfort of the womb, easing your baby into a peaceful slumber. It's not just a toy—it's a nighttime miracle for your baby and a ticket to rest for you.

"Sleep Peacefully, Little One"
Crafted to comfort and soothe, the Serenity™ Otter is here to transform how your baby experiences bedtime.


More Reasons to Love Serenity™

Cry-Activated Comfort: The Serenity™ Otter is equipped with a cry-activated sensor that detects when your baby starts crying. Upon detection, it automatically plays soothing sounds such as a gentle shush, calming music, or the rhythmic heartbeat that mimics the comforting environment of the womb. This feature helps to calm your baby quickly and effectively, reducing stress and promoting a quicker return to sleep.

Customizable Sounds and Lights: Serenity™ offers a variety of soothing sounds and ambient light settings, allowing you to customize the sensory environment to best suit your baby’s preferences and needs.

Machine Washable: Hygiene is paramount when it comes to baby products. The Serenity™ Otter is designed with parents’ convenience in mind. It features a plush exterior that is completely machine washable once the interior electronics are removed.

Extended Use: Unlike many baby toys that are only relevant for a few months, the Serenity™ Otter grows with your child. Its charming design and soothing features make it a beloved companion well into childhood and even the teenage years.

Pet Friendly: The calming effects of the Serenity™ Otter extend beyond human family members. The gentle sounds and soft vibrations it emits can also soothe pets, particularly those with anxiety or those who are sensitive to loud noises and disruptions. It helps mask external noises and creates a consistent and reassuring environment, making it an excellent companion for furry family members as well.


Ready to Embrace Peaceful Nights?

Are you prepared to transform bedtime into a serene retreat? Don’t miss out on the tranquility that Serenity™ – The Soothing Otter can bring into your home. Secure your peace of mind and your baby's comfort today!

✅ Sleep Through the Night: Cry-Activated Comfort Starts When Baby Needs It

✅ Custom Comfort: Tailor Sounds and Lights for Your Baby's Perfect Sleep

✅ Hygiene Made Easy: Machine Washable for Stress-Free Cleaning

✅ Long-Lasting Friendship: Grows with Your Child from Newborn to Teen

✅ Pet-Friendly Peace: Also Soothes Your Four-Legged Family Members

Inside Your Package:

📦 One Serenity™ – The Soothing Otter: Designed to be a part of your family's journey from day one, providing peace and comfort to everyone, including pets.

Does not include 3 AA batteries needed to power Serenity™.

Key Specifications:

  • Size: 30cm
  • Material: High-quality, hypoallergenic durable plush
  • Features: Breathing motion, light, and sound for sensory soothing
  • Safety: Crafted to be safe for all ages, with no hard parts

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Need Relief from Anxiety?

Experience immediate calm with Serenity™ – The Soothing Otter, a top-rated solution for anxiety relief. Imagine your home transformed into a sanctuary of peace, where every cry is met with a comforting response, easing your baby's (and your) anxiety quickly. Feel the stress melt away as this plush companion recreates the secure sensation of the womb with its gentle heartbeat.

From Tears to Tranquility: Soothe Baby's Cries Instantly

Serenity™ responds to your baby's tears with soothing sounds, bringing instant relief to both of you. Picture nights where instead of pacing, you're resting, because your little one settles back to sleep without fuss. This pulsing heart technology is a game-changer, turning tears into tranquility.

Remember Sleepless Nights? They Can Be a Thing of the Past!

Visualize your baby, once restless, now soothed swiftly by our otter's calming presence, providing you a night of well-deserved rest. It's not just sleep; it's a serene escape every night.

Looking for a Long-Term Comfort Companion for Your Child?

Serenity™ grows with your child, from a newborn's first nights to comforting a toddler during thunderstorms. Imagine a single, cuddly solution that adapts to provide comfort at every stage of childhood, making it not just a toy but a cherished member of the family.

Does Your Pet Suffer from Separation Anxiety?

Our four-legged companions often struggle with separation anxiety, feeling distressed and lonely when you're away. Envision your anxious pet transformed into a relaxed and content buddy, comforted by the Serenity™ Otter's soothing sounds and soft embrace. It's a favorite among pet owners nationwide for its ability to create a peaceful atmosphere, helping pets feel secure and loved, even in your absence.

✨ Your Trust, Our Promise ✨

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See What Others Say!

★★★★★ 17,800 + Happy Customers

  • Lindsay L.

    “I was always up twice a night with my newborn who just wouldn’t settle. Since we got the Soothing Otter, sleepless nights are a thing of the past. It’s like magic; as soon as the heartbeat sound starts, she calms right down and drifts off. I just wish the toy had come together with the batteries.”

  • Vivienne S.

    “I bought the Serenity Otter on a whim, not expecting much, but it has been a phenomenal help. The customizable settings mean I can adjust it as my baby grows. It’s like it knows just what she needs to stay calm.”

  • Casandra K.

    “I was skeptical at first, but the Soothing Otter has changed our lives. I've suffered from PTSD, and I decided to put a stop to taking meds. At first, I was like, "how could a toy help an adult," but this thing tbh, is not exactly a toy. I usually start to relax the minute I hear the calming sounds. Plus, it's super soft and cuddly, making it ideal bedtime companion when my husband is away.”

  • Karli R.

    “We've tried everything for our daughter’s nighttime anxiety. Only the Soothing Otter has made any difference. She calls it her sleep buddy, and it's adorable how she won't go to bed without it.”

  • Aurelia M.

    “Our baby girl used to be so clingy and couldn't sleep without us by her side. The rhythmic breathing of the Soothing Otter has been a huge help. She now sleeps through the night, and we finally get some rest too!”

  • Jackie M.

    “I've used the Soothing Otter with all three of my children, and each time it's been a godsend. It helps them transition from being fully awake to sleeping peacefully. Even I find the heartbeat sound relaxing!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Find helpful insights here.

The Serenity™ is powered by 3 AA batteries. You just need to click on Serenity's bottom right foot to activate musical notes or the chest button to activate the pulsing motion.

The Serenity™ Otter is equipped with a sensitive cry-activated sensor that detects when your baby starts crying. It automatically activates soothing sounds, such as a mother’s heartbeat, gentle shushing, or soft lullabies to calm your baby and encourage them to fall back asleep.

Yes, the Serenity™ Otter is designed for easy cleaning. The plush exterior can be safely machine washed once the interior electronic components are removed. This feature ensures that the otter remains hygienic and safe for daily use with your baby.

The Serenity™ Otter is designed for extended use from birth through childhood and even into the teenage years. Its durable design and timeless features make it a long-lasting companion that provides comfort and emotional support as your child grows.

Yes, the Serenity™ Otter is also pet-friendly. It helps soothe pets by emitting gentle sounds and vibrations that can calm anxiety and provide a sense of security, especially when they are left alone or during noisy events.

The Serenity™ Otter is crafted with safety in mind. It is made from high-quality, hypoallergenic materials with no hard external parts. The sounds are set at a gentle volume that is safe for infant ears, ensuring it is completely safe for daily use around babies and pets.

Delivery Info

Delivery Info

Domestic: 5-10 days; International: 11-20 days

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Serenity™ – The Soothing Otter


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