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BioLock™ Fingerprint Door Lock

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BioLock™: The Smart Lock that Knows You by Touch!


Do you have a special room in your home where privacy is paramount, yet find it constantly invaded by curious kids or unexpected guests? It's a familiar scenario for many: your home office, studio, or personal sanctuary, meant to be a private retreat, becomes a thoroughfare for every passerby in the house. This invasion of personal space not only disrupts your peace but also risks the safety of sensitive or valuable items you wish to keep away from prying eyes and hands.



This is where BioLock™ steps in as your guardian. Engineered with cutting-edge fingerprint technology, BioLock™ transforms your room into an impregnable fortress, accessible only to you. Forget about the usual tangle of keys or the dread of someone stumbling upon your private world. With BioLock™, a simple touch ensures that your sanctuary remains inviolable, giving you the peace of mind that your private realm is shielded from the outside world. It's more than a lock; it's your personal sentinel, standing guard over the spaces that matter most.


BioLock™ - Where Your Finger is the Key!



Instant Touch Access: Imagine unlocking your door in a mere second with a quick fingerprint scan. This cutting-edge feature not only offers unmatched speed but also ensures that your home remains secure against unauthorized access. It's the perfect blend of efficiency and security, tailored for busy lifestyles.

Multiple Unlocking Methods: Whether you prefer the biometric precision of a fingerprint, the traditional security of a physical key, the modern convenience of an app, or the confidentiality of a password, this lock adapts to your preferences. This versatility means you're always prepared, no matter the situation - a feature especially useful for families with diverse needs.

Simple, No-Drill Installation: Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of complicated installations. BioLock™ is designed for easy setup on any standard door, requiring no wiring or drilling. This DIY-friendly approach means you can secure your room without professional help, saving time and money while enjoying immediate peace of mind.

Smart Access Sharing: Extend the convenience of BioLock™ to your guests and service providers with its smart sharing feature. Through the intuitive app, you can assign temporary access codes, ensuring your home remains secure while still hospitable. It's an ideal solution for Airbnb hosts, families with housekeepers, or anyone needing to grant temporary access to their home.

Reliable Emergency Backup: BioLock™'s emergency charging via USB interface and low battery alerts ensure your lock is always operational, even during power outages or when you forget to replace batteries. This reliability means you can trust BioLock™ to keep your home accessible and secure at all times, providing peace of mind in any circumstance.



By incorporating these features into your daily life, BioLock™ doesn't just offer a product – it offers a new way of experiencing home security and convenience. It's an investment in peace of mind, ensuring that your home, family, and personal spaces are protected and accessible in the way you want them to be.



Embrace the Future of Security: BioLock™ - Fast, Smart, and Key-Free!

What Makes BioLock™ Special

✅ An Ideal Solution for Airbnb Hosts & Families with Housekeepers

Instant Touch Access: Unlocks in just 1 second with your fingerprint, offering unparalleled convenience.

Multiple Unlocking Methods: Choose from fingerprint, password, app, or key for flexible and secure access.

Simple, No-Drill Installation: Easily install on any standard door without the need for complex wiring or drilling.

Smart Access Sharing: Manage entry permissions remotely, perfect for guests or service personnel, through a user-friendly app.

Reliable Emergency Backup: Equipped with a USB emergency charge port and low battery alert to ensure you're never locked out.

What You'll Get

  • 1 x Front panel
  • 1 x Back panel
  • 1 x Door latch
  • 2 x Spare mechanical keys
  • 1 x Installation kit
  • 1 x Installation guide

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Delivery Info

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BioLock™ Fingerprint Door Lock - districtoasis - Silver

BioLock™ Fingerprint Door Lock

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